Renew Restoration Residential Services, Lancaster, CA

Water Damage

Broken pipes are a common cause of water damage in your Lancaster, CA home or business, causing gallons of water to come rushing through your living room, bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom. These problems need to be fixed as soon as possible. Delaying these repairs can be extremely costly as water damage can lead to content damage and structural decline.

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Fire & Smoke Restoration

Our fire damage specialists will arrive quickly to your Lancaster, CA property to asses the fire and smoke damage, and to help guide you through this stressful time. We offer comprehensive restoration services to make sure that your property is safe and secured, as well as getting your life back to normal as soon as possible.

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Mold Removal

Renew Restoration is licensed in the removal of mold and in restoring and reconstructing the areas of your Lancaster, CA property that have been significantly damaged by the mold. We use the latest methods of mold remediation and restoration to keep the integrity of the area as much as possible, while restricting the possibility of mold growing again in the future.

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Air Testing

When Renew Restoration performs an air quality test, we will provide you with information on the state of the air quality in your Lancaster, CA property, and on the factors that are contaminating it. Testing for mold is one small part of what air quality testing is about. It means that we will be taking different samples from hard surfaces and the air, which we will then analyze to determine if your home or business has a mold infestation.

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At Renew Restoration, we understand that disaster damage is deeper than the puddles on the floor or the scorch marks on the walls. It’s with this knowledge that we are able to fully restore your damaged Lancaster, CA home or business to its original condition. We don’t just treat the superficial damage caused by disasters.

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Day Or Night Emergency Cleanup